Your Raiders Questions to Answer: Predicting Offensive Starters

August 4, 2022

NFL Las Vegas Raiders have a passionate fan base, hungry for wins. Every week we take time to answer your questions about your beloved Silver and Black. Now let’s get right to it.

Uncle Hondo, I know that you think the Las Vegas Raiders aren’t done adding new players, but please entertain my question. If you had to predict, based on the roster now, who starts on offense, who got? Kyle R.

Thank you, Kyle.  Here you go:

RB Josh Jacobs

QB Derek Carr

TE Darren Waller

LT Kolton Miller

LG John Simpson

C Andre James

RG Lester Cotton

RT Brandon Parker

WR1 Davante Adams

WR2 Hunter Renfrow

WR3 Demarcus Robinson

Hey Hondo, I was impressed with Divine Deablo last year. I know you were as well. What is something about him that stood out the most to you? Cristin W.

He has all of the things that only come from God, size, speed, and so on. But he loves the game and is super smart. He has an amazing football IQ.

Hondo, I am a big Deablo fan. I have his NFL jersey and he is my favorite player. He burst on the scene last year, and I was wondering if anything about him, surprised the Raiders? Thank you, Tom H.

Tom, they were shocked at how fast he adapted from safety in college to linebacker in the NFL. They thought it would be 1 year or 2 until he competed for the role of a starter at linebacker. They knew he would do fine with pass coverage, but he beat out Cory Littleton because he was able to adjust to the run game. Deablo didn’t just play well against the run, he became a beast. That is very hard while transitioning from a safety spot. That is 100% on his incredible football IQ.

Do you have a question about your beloved Las Vegas Raiders or the NFL?

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